Jamell Tousant

Professional Realtor and Consultant

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Jamell Tousant is a real estate agent serving the region of Northern California.
Jamell Tousant is an experienced real estate consultant who holds a real estate license in Northern California. His coworkers and customers speak highly of Tousant's persistent commitment to ethics and honesty, as well as his ability to successfully complete the tasks at hand.
To this day, Tousant calls the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California home. He was born and raised in the Golden State. He has expertise aiding buyers and sellers with a wide variety of real estate, including beach houses, high-rise condominiums, tranquil mountain vacation homes, and other types of properties.

Success in Northern California and Elsewhere, According to Jamell Tousant

Jamell Tousant is dedicated to assisting individuals, couples, and families throughout the state of California in the process of locating the house of their dreams. Since 2001, he has been active in the local real estate market, and in 2005, he earned his license to practice real estate in the state of California.

Tousant has transacted the sale of a large number of properties around the state of California, particularly in the northern area, which is where he presently resides. Locally, he is well-known as a specialist in residential real estate, having expertise in the sale of a variety of properties, including vacant lots, single-family houses, multi-family housing, and others. Because he has tried out his strategies for marketing and promotion in a variety of different markets, he is aware of how to appeal to the most people possible.